The 25th International Rehabilitation, Nursing and Disease Prevention Exhibition (REHACARE) was held at the Düsseldorf Exhibition Center during the National Day. INTCO Medical brought a variety of wheelchairs to the show.


The exhibition began on October 4, 2017, and lasted for four days. As the premier industry event for the industry, INTCO Medical attaches great importance to the fact and our partners went to Germany to attend this rehabilitation feast on October 1.


At the exhibition site, our booth full of popularity . under the leadership of Mr. Frank, chairman of INTCO group ,Our partners warmly received every customer and the electric wheelchair attracted a lot of customers experience. Due to the convenience of electric wheelchair, more and more elderly people choose electric wheelchair to replace the traditional manual wheelchair. In the future of intelligent industry, electric wheelchairs will become more and more popular and become the mainstream, We are bound to put more effort.


At the end of the show, the partners had no time to rest and devoted themselves to work. The road of rehabilitation, we are still groping, in the future, we will bring customers better quality products and services!