In May, the love of INTCO Medical continues to expand. In line with the sense of responsibility for caring for the society, INTCO Medical (Jiangsu Company) also makes wheelchair donations for train stations . The first stop - Zhenjiang City Railway Station. On the occasion of the 28th "National Helping Disabled Day," INTCO Medical sent 4 wheelchairs to the Zhenjiang City Railway Station on the afternoon of May 18th. The second station - Danyang Railway Station. On May 30th, the love of INTCO Medical came to the Danyang Railway Station and 4 wheelchairs were sent to there the same afternoon.

      The two-dimensional code introduced by the company on the wheelchair´╝îit can be scanned to fully understand our company. At the same time, passengers can access our Taobao shop through the “Buy link two-dimensional code ” code posted on the side panel and purchase it directly.

       At present, INTCO Wheelchairs have been put into use at the North-South Square of Zhenjiang City Railway Station and Danyang Station North-South Square. Every day, different passengers use our wheelchairs at the station. The station staff praises our wheelchairs for their good quality, light weight and practicality. “This is an affirmation of us, but the advantages of our wheelchairs are by no means limited to these. Humane design, nitpicking work, and perfect after-sales are belong to our products . At the same time, strong corporate support is our strong backing. For many years, INTCO has always adhered to the core values of “love”, regardless of the participation of social activities or the manufacturing of our products. We actively participate in various public welfare activities and assume more social responsibilities. When we produce products, we strive for excellence, only to bring a better user experience!